The Sound of Mull - 19th June 2024

…and we're off again! Our crew boarded in Oban yesterday afternoon, and by 4pm we were headed out. Anchored in Loch Aline last night, the tunes were going strong led by this week's tutors Carol ‘Nessie’ Anderson and Tim MacDonald.

This morning dawned still and clear, and by 1000 we left Loch Aline and soon found a bit of breeze in the Sound of Mull. Soon we had the engine stopped and were cruising at 5 knots with Course, Topsail, Topgallant, Outer Jib and Main Sail set. The sun came out, and we had tunes by the wheel as we sailed along - here's a lovely moment where Will and Nessie play ‘Cearcail a Chuain’, a lovely gaelic waltz they have been teaching the rest of the group.

We're tied up at the pontoons in Tobermory now, looking forward to some good sessions tonight and a fair breeze to travel further north tomorrow.

~ Barry ~

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